Using Corsair Link in Linux

This will be required for devices such as the H100i to set LED and fan settings in Linux. First – Open a terminal in the home directory and enter: git clone cd OpenCorsairLink make Remember to have the mini USB cable connected from the device to a USB header on your motherboard To check… read more »

Configuring the EZ-Flash IV

Format an SD card to Fat32 and copy the included bin file to the card root.  The default EZ Client can be found in the device files on the server however installing EZFlashTools.exe will give you access to the client with additional tools. “When you get the card you first need to place the ezfla_up.bin… read more »

Connect Android device ready for root access

Windows Steps: Ensure you have ADB, fastboot and Samsung USB drivers installed. All of these are located on the internal server here. Once USB drivers are installed, enable USB debugging on the device if possible. Turn off the device and enter fastboot mode (usually hold volume up/down and power buttons). Connect the device to USB… read more »