Using Corsair Link in Linux

This will be required for devices such as the H100i to set LED and fan settings in Linux. First – Open a terminal in the home directory and enter: git clone cd OpenCorsairLink make Remember to have the mini USB cable connected from the device to a USB header on your motherboard To check… read more »

Compiz – Wobbly Windows

When installing a compiz like add-on for Gnome/Cinnamon you will need to add: CLUTTER_PAINT=disable-clipped-redraws:disable-culling CLUTTER_VBLANK=True into the /etc/environment file, then log out/in again

How to install Arch

Once you boot into the Arch install iso, you’ll be automatically logged in as root user by default. You must need Internet connection in order to install Arch Linux. Check if your Internet connection is working: ping Internet is working. Let us go ahead and partition the hard drive. To check the partition table,… read more »

./configure make make install

If you’ve used any flavour of Unix for development, you’ve probably installed software from source with this magic incantation: ./configure make make install I know I’ve typed it a lot, but in my early days using Linux I didn’t really understand what it meant, I just knew that if I wanted to install software this… read more »

AceStream Player Install

Steps: Install libgnutls-deb0-28_3.3.15-5ubuntu2_amd64.deb from here (note: there may be a newer version, but this one is known to work) Install acestream-player-compat_3.0.2-1.1_amd64.deb acestream-engine_3.0.3-0.2_amd64.deb acestream-player-data_3.0.2-1.1_amd64.deb acestream-player_3.0.2-1.1_amd64.deb All from this google drive Notes: A local copy of 64bit files is on server: server/My%20Programs/Linux/AceStream GDebi installer is recommended to help with unmet dependencies Alternative: In a terminal enter –… read more »

Install AMD GPU Driver

A direct link to download the Linux AMDGPU-PRO driver is given below and it is also available on the Driver Download Page. This file has a “tar.xz” extension which reflects a more-effective compression algorithm that (in most cases) creates a smaller archive than the more common gzip format. AMD Radeon™ Software AMDGPU-PRO Beta Driver for Linux® Version… read more »